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EytanArt - Designs About Difference

T-Shirts, Posters and Gifts with a message of respecting difference & making a difference

EytanArt is the inspiration of Eytan Nisinzweig, an artist with autism, who sees the purity in life and captures it with simplistic honesty, and his mother Susan Nisinzweig, a social worker committed to helping kids and adults feel accepted and respected in their homes, schools, communities and their world.


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The EytanArt designs include:

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  • EytanArt encourages you to give to Hurricane Sandy Relief

    EytanArt encourages you to give to Hurricane Sandy Relief

    Wednesday, November 14th
    Recovering from Hurricane Sandy We were trounced by Hurricane Sandy but we were one of the lucky ones. After a week with no power and losing a tree, a large branch and m
  • Former Bullies join Anti-Bullying movement

    Former Bullies join Anti-Bullying movement

    Friday, October 19th
    Thankfully these bullies changed before it was too late! Often kids who bully don't even give any thought to the feelings of their victims. Watch the video below of an
  • We have more in common than not!

    We have more in common than not!

    Saturday, October 27th
    The Other Son - film about love and discovering our similarities We saw a wonderful movie this weekend called The Other Son. It's a very moving story about two Israeli