About Eytan


I want to introduce you to Eytan, the artist, because he is a very special young man and knowing about him will make his story and his drawings more special as well.  Eytan is now 30 years old and has always had a gift for music and drawing.  Although he has autism, he plays the piano really well and he draws with his own unique style that gives us a glimpse of the purity and happiness in his heart. You can see his drawings on the homepage of this website at www.EytanArt.com .  Eytan has been hired by our local school district to do weekly sing alongs with each of their 12 pre-school classes. He is also hired by a local church to play for their preschool program and to play a more sophisticated song list for periodic senior citizen luncheons that they sponsor.  You can see and hear him play music by clicking on the links below.

Eytan has impacted the future of so many people who have come in contact with him.  There are many great special ed teachers and therapists today who made the decision to go into their professions because they were inspired and intrigued by Eytan.  He has certainly been one of my best  teachers in life and now, through EytanArt and sharing his drawings by putting them on T-shirts, he can impact so many more people.  By pairing Eytan’s drawings with messages that his life has inspired me (his mom) to share, we really hope that we have something here that can make a positive difference for people.  You can see the designs by clicking on  http://eytanart.com/gallery-of-eytanart-designs/ and you can learn more about customizing a shirt with your school, club or organization’s name on it and how you can use these as a fundraising tool by clicking on http://eytanart.com/customize-it/

If you sign up for our newsletter in the box in the sidebar you will receive a link to download one of Eytan’s drawing in an 8 x 11 free poster.  They make great pictures to put on the wall or slip into the cover of a binder.  On the site, in our newsletters and in the articles I post on the site’s blog – On A Better Note, you’ll learn more details about how, inspite of having autism, Eytan is doing many great things  in our community using his strengths – music and art.  You’ll also benefit from the life lessons we’ve learned by having Eytan in our lives.

I invite you to put your name and email in the optin box in the sidebar.   This site is not just for people who live with, work with or are on the autism spectrum. It is for anyone who ever felt different, misunderstood or not accepted for who they are and it’s for those who care about making a difference.   We welcome you to EytanArt, where we hope to help people be more positive and accepting and to live on a better note!

Check out these blog posts to see more of Eytan in action:

Click here to see video of Eytan playing Down By the Bay in a Pre-School Classroom

Click here to see video of Eytan playing music at Senior Citizen Luncheon.

Click here to see video of  Eytan playing Elton John’s Your Song

Click here to see EytanArt and Eytan’s other drawings in an exhibit


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the art that comes out of Eytan!

If you have a story about your son/daughter/student with autism who has been able to group up to have a meaningful, productive life (whatever that looks like) please contact me. I’m in the process of writing a book about young adults on the spectrum and would love to hear your story.

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