Gift for School District that helps stop bullying

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  2. September 13, 2012 12:07 pm

Gift for School District that helps stop bullying

The Give and Get R.E.A.L. – 18 Anti-bullying and Pro-respect poster sets  were given to a school district as a gift from the  class of 1976.  (6 posters and an insert with questions and exercises in each packet)

Presenting gift of anti-bullying posters at Board of Ed meeting

Story behind the Give and Get R.E.A.L . gift: My high school class recently had our 36th reunion and it was really wonderful because everyone felt connected to each other regardless of which click we had been in during high school. We had such a good turnout which allowed us to cover all of our costs and have some money left over.  Having lost 13 of our classmates over the years from illnesses and accidents, we wanted to give a meaningful gift to the school in their memory.   We considered giving  a scholarship for a graduating senior, a bench for the campus… but then decided that we wanted to give something that would have a positive impact on as many students as possible for an extended period of time.  The reunion planning committee agreed to give 18 of the Give and Get R.E.A.L. (Respect, Esteem, Acceptance, Love) poster sets to be distributed throughout the two elementary schools and Jr/Sr high school. This is something that we felt could have made a positive difference in the early lives of our own classmates, some of whom were bullied or could have benefitted from being more respected and accepted as kids.  Everyone could have benefitted by developing more self-esteem. We were excited to give a gift that could make a positive difference for current and future students and support teachers as they strive to create a culture of respect and acceptance in their classrooms.

What is special about these poster sets?  The artwork for these posters was drawn by my son Eytan, a young man with autism and the artist and inspiration for The phrases which are in Eytan’s handwriting and inspired by my background as a social worker and a mom, are all about respecting differences, discovering similarities and making a positive difference.  In addition, I created an insert that is in each packet and has questions and fun exercises to help reinforce the meaningful lessons in each design.  Whether teachers choose to simply hang the posters for decoration or utilize them as part of their anti-bullying lessons, we hope that they help create the caring, respectful atmosphere that every teacher wants and every child deserves to have in their classroom.

How can other schools benefit from EytanArt products?  Additional packets, individual posters, T-shirts, totebags, notecards and other products with EytanArt Designs About Difference are available on our website. Contact us for discounts on orders over 10 and/or for information on how schools and clubs can use our products as a fundraiser to support their anti-bullying program.  We would love to receive emails from teachers/students using the exercises with the Give and Get REAL posters, sharing your thoughts, poems, drawings or stories with us and with your/their permission we will post these comments and creations on our website or in our monthly newsletter.

Let’s make a difference for every child!

Susan Croen Nisinzweig    203 637-3144

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