Customize your EytanArt shirt with your school, club or organization’s name

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  2. November 11, 2013 12:03 pm

How can you customize your EytanArt shirt?

Have you been to our home page at recently?  We’ve added the abililty to customize your EytanArt T-shirt with the name of your school, club, organization or even  town.  So many groups care as much as we do about spreading the messages of acceptance, diversity, respect and tolerance.  Now you can show how much your group is committed to eliminating bullying and improving the way we treat one another in our local and world communities by adding your group’s name/message to Eytan’s drawings.

This can be done for single orders, for small group orders and for orders large orders.

Fund Raising Projects can be created with a minimum order of 25 shirts.

Your school, club or organization can receive a portion of the proceeds for each shirt sold.

Take a look at the sample customized EytanArt T-shirts below

Click here to learn more about customizing an order from EytanArt or contact me if you would like to see a customized sample that is for your group.

Email me at and include:

1.  The name or phrase you would like added to the shirt,

2. Which EytanArt design you’d like to see it on

3. What color shirt.

4. Quantity of shirts (Fund Raising opportunities available for orders over 25)

5. Include your name, email and phone number and the best times during the day/week to reach you.

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