Eytan improvised music with the Greenwich Village Orchestra

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  2. May 14, 2012 2:59 pm

Eytan improvised music with the Greenwich Village Orchestra

Arts for healing sponsored concert

Last week, Eytan attended a concert organized by Arts for Healing in New Canaan, CT www.artsforhealing.org.  Eytan takes piano lessons there from a wonderful music therapist and teacher, Karen Nisenson.  One of the graduate students who has been doing an internship at Arts for Healing is Barbara Yahr. She is also in her tenth year as conductor for the Greenwich Village Orchestra in New York City.  Coincidentally Barbara is also a classmate of mine from High School and we were excited to rediscover each other through Arts For Healing.

We were in the audience on Sunday watching a wonderful performance by the orchestra and admiring how well Barbara addressed and involved the audience which was full of children and adults with disabilities and their families. She combined her skills as a conductor and as a music therapist in a masterful way!  At one point, one of her students who had planned to do an improvisational piece with the orchestra became too shy to come up in front of the the audience and Barbara asked if there was someone else who would like to volunteer.  Eytan raised his hand and being experienced at performing in front of large groups, he felt perfectly comfortable coming to the front of the auditorium.  Although Eytan’s experience and expertise is with playing piano (see www.youtube.com/eytanart) , he is at home on a Xylophone and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of improvising and having the orchestra follow his lead.  It was a fun and different experience for him.

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