Eytan performed music at luncheon for Senior Citizens

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  2. June 22, 2012 7:44 pm

Eytan performed music at luncheon for Senior Citizens

In spite of having Special Needs, Eytan entertains seniors

Although Eytan Nisinzweig, has limited language and social skills, his autism has not prevented him from becoming quite well known in our community for his musical ability.  I think that in the spirit of Autism Awareness and building respect for differences, it is important to share this story because it will broaden people’s views of autism and perhaps spur ideas for ways others can include and even employ those on the spectrum.

For years Eytan  has been hired to entertain hundreds of pre-schoolers with weekly sing-alongs throughout the town’s large Public Preschool Program and monthly sing-alongs at a local church nursery school.   He also volunteers at a Nursing home weekly where he plays a whole different set of songs.  Periodically he is hired to come play music for senior citizens attending a luncheon at a local church.   Eytan played classical, folk and show tunes as well as classics from the 30’s and 40’s such as Tea For Two and Ain’t She Sweet.  The participants seemed to really enjoy the music and it is so wonderful that Eytan has a way to use his strengths and make a difference by contributing to our community.  It’s equally as wonderful that the community has embraced Eytan, recognizes his skills and seeks ways to include him.

Here’s a clip of Eytan playing a song called “Buzzing Bee” at the senior luncheon.  I could listen to this over and over! Yes I’m a proud mom!!!

At the end of this hour of playing, they not only paid Eytan for his time but they served him lunch which was really the compensation he was most excited about!  This was the 4th time Eytan has played for this luncheon over the last several years and we feel so pleased that they keep asking him to come back.


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