Parents as partners

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  2. October 1, 2012 1:24 pm

Parents as partners

The school district I live in had a workshop for parents this weekend called Parents as Partners.  A few months ago I received a call from the Director of Special Education asking if Eytan could draw a logo for a poster they were making to hang throughout the schools and for the conference program.  We were happy to have Eytan’s artwork contribute to their efforts to make a difference.  Would you like to see this school drawing on on our T-shirts and other products? (comment on this page or click “like” on on our EytanArt facebook page to indicate yes)

I was also asked to be one of the presenters and the packed room of parents seemed to really enjoy the presentation.  My topic was “3 questions that help shape a meaningful future for your special needs child”.  These questions actually apply to all of your kids and even to yourself.  I’ll share more about that in blog posts throughout this week.  The packed room of parents at my presentation seemed to really get a lot out of it and I was thrilled to be able to share something that would help these parents to make their child’s life more purposeful and meaningful.

While I gave the presentation, my husband jumped back and forth between the Special Olympics table and our EytanArt booth where we sold T-shirts,  Note-cards and Give and Get REAL poster sets. I’ve written on our blog about Special Olympics before and I always encourage people to join it whether as a volunteer or as a participant.  It’s a wonderful organization that offers such great opportunities to grow, learn and have fun.  It’s great for the athletes, the parents and the siblings.

Be sure to check back this week to see what the meaningful 3 questions are…


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