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Articles about our EytanArt Products

These are all articles that highlight our products, providing you with pictures of the products, ways to use them that you might not have thought of and gift ideas.

Autism and Special Needs

Articles about living and working with people who have autism and other special needs.

Character Building and Self Esteem

Whether you are dealing with special needs or not, growing up can be hard to do. There are so many opportunities to do things to build one's character and increase self-esteem.

Family Matters and Parenting

As a mom of both "typical" and "special needs" children, I plan to share here tips and experiences that I hope will help and inspire parents, grandparents and siblings.

Give and Get R.E.A.L. - Anti-Bullying and Pro-Respect

These are meant for those who have been bullied and for those who live or work with kids who have been bullied. Our products and especially our Give and Get R.E.A.L. poster set focuses on building Respect, Esteem, Acceptance and Love.

Healthy Tips Corner

To be the best you can be, you need to be healthy - physically, emotionally and spiritually. The articles in this category will provide tips to the things that I have discovered and used over the years to keep me and my family healthy.

Making a Difference

If everyone devotes their life to making a positive difference we could really make the world a better place.

More about Eytan's Art and Music

Here I will share with you Eytan's gifts in art and music. As someone with Autism, his gifts have given him a way to contribute to others in a very meaningful way. Enjoy!