Give and Get R.E.A.L.

GIVE AND GET R.E.A.L. – A collection of posters, by an artist with autism, with messages that are about reducing bullying and promoting respect, esteem, acceptance and love.

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 What are the lessons in Give and Get REAL?

I feel strongly about the lessons that are in Eytan’s drawings and am excited to have a way to take his special gift, the messages and turn them into learning opportunities for everyone.  Eytan is my son who has autism and his drawings and the characters in them have so much appeal for both kids and adults.  With my social work background, I was inspired to pair his drawings with meaningful messages about respecting differences, discovering similarities and making a difference.  We’ve had the designs on many styles of shirts, sweatshirts, tote-bags, note-cards and posters since the beginning of 2011.  I more recently created a list of questions and exercises to go along with the designs so that teachers, therapists and parents could easily teach lessons based on the posters.  These lessons are meaningful and fun and because the posters remain on the walls, they get reinforced in people’s hearts and minds.

The hope is that by teaching these lessons in a way that makes a lasting impression, we could make a real difference in the world by showing them that if you…

GIVE Respect, you will GET Respect

GIVE Esteem you will GET Esteem

GIVE Acceptance and you will GET Acceptance

GIVE Love and you will GET Love

Who are these lessons perfect for?

Teachers – creating healthy, respectful cultures in their classrooms.

Parents – supporting their children’s development at home.

Therapists – teaching social skills and guidance in individual and group sessions.

Clergy/Religious School Staff – Reinforcing the values that are the foundation of their religion.

Counselors and Facilitators – Setting the right atmosphere for playing and working together in camps, clubs and workshops of all types.

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Posters Plus Set: $25 (SAVE $5) Includes 6 posters for the price of 5 PLUS the FREE insert with questions and fun exercises to help reinforce the lessons in each poster.

School design now availableWe’ve just added the School Design to the individual poster list and for any school that orders a set of the Give and Get REAL Poster sets we will include a bonus of the School Design. If ordering more than 5 of the sets contact me at to get a bulk price.


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